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Printing and Engraving


PAWS Printing originated in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2020, only as a T-Shirt printing hobby. This hobby soon turned into a business known as Vlakvark NZ, which picked up at fast pace.

Vlakvark (PAWS Printing) clothing started out as a sweet reminder to Ex South Africans, of the funny slogans which was so well known to SAFFAS and maybe a fresh new humour which could be introduced to our now fellow KIWIS for a light side of comedic relief during the dark times with COVID-19. Such printing would include personalized / themed T-Shirts, Caps, Hoodies and more. We also started getting more and more requests for vinyl stickers for businesses and shops, which included vehicle branding, window stickers, etc. This soon formed a great part of our business.

We soon realized that the name Vlakvark did not roll of the tongue so easily in New Zealand. This is when PAWS Printing was created. Now 2 years down the line we have added the following to our portfolio. *Embroidering *Laser engraving *Banner printing *Large canvas prints *Book printing *Tekkie/Sneakers printing We have grown to be the preferred printing services under the South African Community.

We now also have a branch in South Africa.

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