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Natural Hog Casings 32-35mm, 10m

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Product Description

Unleash the Power of Hog Casings

The Unsung Hero of Sausage Making

Crafting big, fat, and plump sausages is an art, and the secret lies in the humble hog casing. It's the unsung hero that preserves the essence of your carefully selected ingredients, flavors, and juices while dictating the texture and overall eating experience of your sausages.

Embrace Natural Hog Casings

Natural hog casings boast a remarkable 'semipermeable' wall that breathes, allowing the flavors from your barbecue, cooking, or smoking to permeate the casing and infuse your sausage meat. The result? Sausages bursting with superior flavor, juiciness, and that coveted sausage "pop" that only a natural casing can provide.

Product Specifications

  • Product Format: Each package contains a total of 10 meters, equating to 1 x 10-meter length of natural, edible hog casings.
  • Product Size: A Grade Uniform 32/35mm diameter, ensuring your sausages achieve the perfect plumpness.
  • Pre-Tubed Convenience: Our casings come pre-threaded onto soft tubes, facilitating easy transfer to your sausage maker nozzle without any knots or tangles. Please refrain from removing them from the tube to maintain their integrity.
  • Sausage Calculator: With this 10-meter product, you can produce approximately 5 kilograms of sausages or around 70 sausages weighing 80 grams each.
  • No 'Shorts' Guarantee: We take pride in our commitment to quality, ensuring that you receive full-length casings without any 'shorts' or off-cuts, unlike some manufacturers who pass them off to home sausage makers.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Your product comes with a minimum best-before life of 6 months, maintaining its freshness and quality when stored according to our usage and storage instructions.

Revamp Your Sausage Making Experience

Experience the difference that natural hog casings can make in your sausage-making endeavors. Elevate your culinary creations with the superior flavor, texture, and authenticity that only premium-quality casings can provide.


Natural Hog Casings 32-35mm, 10m

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