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3 Times its acceptable to BULLY another South African

3 Times its acceptable to BULLY another South African

The answer on this one is simple:


We have recently been involved in a scenario where we were bullied by another "South African company". We all left South Africa for a better life, we packed up everything we had into a suitcase...resigned from well-paying jobs, cried at the airport saying good-bye to friends and family we might never see again - to come to a country that we believed will give us and our children a better life.

"Stay in your corner" - we were told, "We are the biggest South African shop and have loads more stock than you coming"- what they did not the kids in school - WE ARE NOT HERE TO COMPETE - we are here to MAKE A LIVING, to try and revive part of the life we had in South Africa. There are 68,000 South Africans in New Zealand, and while the majority of us love Cheese Curls and Flings, we are all different.

There is a place under the sun for us all...I am so glad that the other 67,999 people understand that. Maybe that person can take a lesson from other people in appreciating the other South Africans around and not bully smaller South African businesses, if you cannot get your way.

A better life we definitely have, but of all of the people in the world, I did not expect being bullied by other South Africans...especially not if you are the biggest?

So next time to see a post about someone asking whether $30 is enough to survive in NZ, understand that that might all they can get get - encourage them in the right manner and be cognisance of how you reply ❤️❤️❤️

Here is our support of other South African business in New them please - PS. click on the link to see the companies:

  1. Life Insurance
  2. Estate Agents
  3. Immigration Agents
  4. Vehicle Finance
  5. Hobbies & Clothing and Gifts 
  6. Car Hire
  7. Printing and Engraving
  8. Hairdressing, Nails and Beauty

If you have any of the above businesses and want to add your info here...we would love to support other South African businesses in New Zealand. Send us an email with your information.

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